I am really far from Japan, I have no idea what these people are going through. I mean, we all see the news, read about it, see images about these terrible catastrophe, but we will never be able to feel or to have an idea f what is the real situation of these people there in Japan. 

So, we're all seeing around the grid a lot of people making events asking for help. I got a notecard today about this event that is going on till April 20th.

Help Japan! Charity - Creators are donating 100% to Japan Red Cross for victims of the tsunami/earthquake which happened on March 10/11th.

The founder is Urikoh Blinker.

Japan Red Cross website.

This is the FLICKR dedicated to this event.

We all should pay a visit there and buy something to help. SL is such a powerful tool of entertainment for all of us and it can also become a tool of humanity and love for others. Show you care about other people, any linden count, but more than that, be a blessing to other people in need. It counts, I can assure you that it counts. 

Have an amazing week!

Ayalla Alphaville

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