Season's Palette HUNT

Season's Palette HUNT
Autumn 2011
October 20- November 20

Summer is over and autumn is knocking on our doorstep. To welcome the upcoming season of Fall, we would like to challenge designers, builders and content creators to create fall-themed hunt projects based on an autumn color palette choosen by the Season's Palette team.

The purpose of this hunt is to recognize trendly colors for each season. We hope that this hunt group will successfully carry out its purpose every season.

In this hunt:

Only 50 stores will be accepted.


CREATE a hunt product OR PRESENT ( you don't have to create)  using a minimum of 3 colors based on the color palette:
(it doesnt exactly have to be the same colors, but close to them)

MUST be a hunt item for both female and male.


Application questions:

Name of designer/ builder:

Store name:

Do you have a mainstore? (If you don't and you are located at the mall, we only accept stores that has a SET location. You don't want hunters getting distracted in the mall when they are looking for your store.)****

What kind of products do you build/create?

Alternate contact/  Events Manager (just in case we can't contact you):

Store SLURL:

Store LM:

Blog site (if you have one):

Once your application has been accepted, we will send you a vendor's welcome pack and a group invite.

Send your completed application to: AURORA SAVIRA
Title the note card : SPH Aut'11: (NAME HERE) and (STORE NAME)
Incomplete formatted applications will be deleted.
The application deadline is October 5, 2011.

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