Bedroom Set Sale @ CC Decor

With prices from just 50 lindens for a complete set - full details below:

Bedroom Sale at CC Decor

We have plans to remodel the store to make way for new designs, and as such will need to retire some our bedroom sets and beds.  We havent decided which ones are staying and which ones are going so while we do we are having a sale which will last approx 1 week.

All LaP bedroom sets, with animated poses, facial expressions and passions sounds, which also have an extensive cuddle menu and speeds for poses too - will be reduced from 1200 to 250 for the complete set.  All MLP bedroom sets, with standard animated poses will be reduced to 50 lindens.  After the sale the sets we are keeping will return to their full prices.

LaP Bed Information:

134 animations
Cuddles, foreplay and sex animations
Non- static, AVs move and interact
Facial expressions
Passion Sounds (can be switched off if desired)

All for the sale price of 250 lindens for the complete set of bedroom furniture.

Taxi to CC Decor - bedroom section

Please note - the sale applies only to complete boxed sets - purchase from the vendors - not to individual items.


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