Fifty 5 Thursday Pt. 1: 5-26 Express yourself!

Hello Fifty5 Thursdays!  May 26

Sale 7AM TO 7AM Thursdays
designers setup one or more items for SaaaaLe in 55L.  look for the Fifty 5 thursday subscriber to find the item.

join FashionAlert/ Fifty5 thursdays group to get the list every week or subscribe our subscribers.
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                           Enjoy the Sale

1. Finesmith Design

2. Feeel

3. PurpleMoon Creations

4.  Graffitiwear

5. KristicA

6. Savok

7. MiMo Couture

8. Fashion 4 flirts

9.  Milli jewelry store

10.  ~*~ Brandy's Boutique ~*~

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