Gift at Sleepy Hollow Farms for Today

New gift for today! A nice accessory for your table:)  Still two hunts going on and the weekly sale.  I have also added a couple of new items to the kitchen.  Please read the notecard for more details and photos.  Thanks:)

New items added to the shop include a quaint bench with baskets and flowers, you will find it in front of the shop.  Beside that is a water fountain with birds and a butterfly.
Only 75L each today!

And in the kitchen there are two tray tables with plates of snacks and a pretty pink ice bucket with wine bottles. Over by the bed is a shelf with a cute bunny and puppy with blocks.

New! Weekly sale item is a quaint garden bench with lots of extras.  Only 100L this week.  You will find it in the greenhouse.  Just look for the bright white sign:)

The Nature's Hunt Spring hunt has begun:) There is a hint and a photo of the prize on the hunt sign in the shop.  And an example of the item you are hunting for, a cute pink flower.

The Shops in Bloom hunt was canceled :( So since I had my prize ready I decided to go ahead and have the hunt at the shop, the hint chickadee is on the pic of the prize with an example of the hunt item, a red rose bud, located in the shop where the signs are.

All of my items are copy/nm/nt and if you have any questions I am always happy to help.  So stop on by, browse around,  let me know what you think about the beach,  but don't forget your gift:)

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